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vendredi 6 août 2010

"Seventeen Magazine" Colombia Scans - 2010

Article Excerpts Translated:

Don’t hate her because she’s the girlfriend of Robert Pattinson! Kristen is the type of unconditional friend you would like to have close

Kristen has an inner confidence about herself that makes her super cool. Even though in interviews or during awards she seems tortured and seems stressed when she’s the center of attention, the truth is she is a bit timid and is more interested in people acknowledging her as an actress than as a celebrity. Kristen is happy to be a part of the Twilight Saga and has worked very hard to achieve that every trait about Bella comes to life on screen. We talked to her exclusively about her closeness to her alter ego Bella and why Rob had to be the perfect Edward and how to remain grounded under so much fame.

17: Are you as passionate in love in your everyday life like Bella is in the stories?

KS: I hope I am!

17: What do you think about having to depend on a boy in ‘New Moon’ to be happy?

KS: I can totally relate to that. There is nothing to be ashamed or feel bad about. It requires a strong person to give yourself entirely to someone else.

17: How is it working with Rob?

KS: He is a little bit ambitious and that’s something i admire. He feels very frustrated with himself, which he shouldn’t because he’s great. He’s daring, intense, i think he’s the perfect man for the role of Edward, no one else could have portrayed him like he did.

17: Did you and Rob “click” instantly?

KS: To be honest we did not do a good casting. We were very nervous and it was weird, things didn’t flow naturally. At the end, over time, we were relaxed and real with each other. It was pure instinct, he was the only option for Edward, there was no one else, of that i am sure.

17: You guys obviously have the best chemistry on screen, where does such feeling come from?

KS: We work well together because we expose ourselves and we support each other. He interprets a very complex role and he’s never lazy about it, he works hard and is very professional.

17: You have portrayed Bella already, what is the lesson she has taught you?

KS: You do not need to give explanations, just do what you feel. Sometimes what seems complicated to others ys the best for you. You should act according to what your hear dictates and instinct and you shouldn’t be sorry, be sure of your decisions, as long as you don’t hurt anyone, you have nothing to regret. It is very important that you believe in you.

17: Have you been to Latin America?

KS: Yes. We were there for the premiere of New Moon. I love the food. I think the fans are very passionate, warm and sweet, they made us feel good.

17: You have worked with 3 different directors on the Twilight Saga, what is that experience like?

KS: Catherine had a very adolescent vision with a lot of energy. Chris is very thoughtful, considerate and sensible. In Eclipse almost everything is action.

17: There’s a big boom in Vampire stories, what are your thoughts on that?

KS: I think humans have always been fascinated with vampires. Who has not thought about living forever? That’s a very desirable thought, very sensual. We are all fascinated by vampires. All cultures have their myths about them. Wouldn’t it be cool to one day be vampires?

17: Who is your favorite ‘Volturi’?

KS: I couldn’t choose one. But Dakota has become one of my best friends; we worked together in ‘The Runaways’ out this year. She is impressive, only 15 years old, but i love her and even though she’s nuts is really good at what she does. She’s been in the industry a long time and has very clear what she wants to accomplish.

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