vendredi 4 mars 2011

Recap de la semaine - Kristen Stewart

Je vais essayer de me tenir à ce nouveau rendez-vous, sinon je vous autorise à me tirer les oreilles ^^ Alors voilà, toute les semaines je vais rassembler dans un post ce que les gens disent sur Kristen. Un petit échantillon:

What was the funniest thing that happened on the set of New Moon?
@Chrisweitz When I tried to prove to Kristen that it would be easy to shoot her underwater scene by going 10 feet underwater with wights on my wetsuit and panicked

What did you think of Welcome To The Riley's with KStew? :)
@Chrisweitz As I've said, I think Kristen is one of the best actresses of her generation. She can do no wrong in my book. But the mouth on that kid ;)

@Chrisweitz Twi Ass rhymes with "My Ass"! Don't hate on the Kstew.

Teresa Palmer parle de Kristen: "I'm actually a huge fan of hers"

Do people often tell you that you look like Kristen Stewart?
I get recognized as her a lot and I think it's quite flattering… The shape of our faces is similar, the pointed chins and our lips, and the dark under our eyes. I can definitely see the resemblance… I would love to play sisters at some point in a movie.

I'm actually a huge fan of hers. I think what she does is very interesting – it's unlike anything I've seen someone do on screen before. She's kind of dark and brooding but she owns it. It is who she is. She's not trying to be anyone else. She's very natural as well, that thing she does with her hair and bites her lip. There's something so endearing about how awkward she can be.

Jackson's interview on MTV's The Seven


"In the Cullen living room there is a piano and it's always occupied by Rob or myself..just sitting down and plinking out the keys. Rob is actually a fantastic pianist and guitar player and Kristen is an amazing guitar player and singer and also an amazing chef. I don't know if anybody knew this..just throwing that out into the world..she can cook!"

Amy Adams Talks about Kristen and OTR at the Oscars Red Carpet

Robert Pattinson à propos de Kristen

"Même avant que je ne la connaisse je pensais qu'elle était une bonne actrice. Comme j'ai vu Into The Wild, et j'ai pensé qu'elle était vraiment bonne dans le film. Je pense toujours qu'il y a très peu de filles de son âge qui sont aussi douée qu'elle ne l'est."

"Kristen est très motivé à devenir une actrice. Je veux dire, c'est ce qu'elle est. Elle est une actrice alors que moi je ne sais pas vraiment."

Source: Kstew.France nextmovie Jacksessors robstenation

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